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10:32 a.m. - 2004-06-02
Joust and whatnot
Im a little out of it.

Skipping through CNN this morning I found out that I've almost missed the transit of Venus, (I has thought this wasn't due till 2064, go figure) Due Tuesday the 8th, it is when Venus crosses the sun.

So I'm only off by 60 years or so, bear with me.


Sapphire was wonderfull. Dispite my annual sunburn, almost sun stroke this time it was a great time. Gorm and Rhi got awards, I got a nice pat on the back, and the possums were a big ol hit :) Got a bit tipsy at the party and actually talked to folks, and had a fine time. Right up till Sunday morning. I was nearly frozen and exausted, got up and napped in a lawn chair for a couple hours and had to decide it was time to go.

Actually had the nerve to ask someone for a favor this weeked and it's TREMENDOUSLY in his credit that he didn't even blink. It's a fine feeling to be told 'No problem.' when you work to get your nerve up to talk to someone. *grin*

Met some fine new folks, almost bought a bow, and had the best commute down that I've ever had :)


I had to go into work on Monday to get some things done before bill run, and pooks woke me up by waving a donut under my nose. How can you not love someone like that :)


The cicadas are cycling down, quieter every day. I won't miss em :)


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